Pharmaceutical Industry

With the highest level of safety of products required in the pharmaceutical industry, no chance must be given the possibility of pest activities at any point of the supply chain. Gulf Atlantic recognizes the stringent sanitation requirements for the pharmaceutical sector and the requirement for zero tolerance to pests.

As such, you need a professional company, which is not only technically superior in terms of knowledge, but has the capacity to document activities employed to manage pests in any establishment as well as the ability to ensure that there is compliance with laws guiding the local industry and meeting international standards.


Our integrated pest management (IPM) approach helps pharmaceutical businesses comply with good manufacturing practice and audit requirements and avoid negative impacts on business from breach of hygiene regulations, litigation, and damage to reputation and brand.

Our specialist expertise can provide industry-leading solutions to prevent pests, monitor for infestations and safely deal with any pest encountered, including flying insects, crawling insects, rodents and stored product insects.

Some notable establishments who have benefited from our top-notch services and in some cases are still benefiting immensely include the following:

  • ERNEST CHEMISTS LTD. – nationwide.
  • SOCOMEX PHARMACY LTD – Accra and Kumasi.
  • ARYTON DRUGS LTD. – Accra.

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