Manufacturing Industry

Some manufacturing establishment produce products which are used in the storage, preparation and packaging of food items either for consumption or storage, thus, practices in the food industry somewhere along the line is adapted here as well. These products are to be safe from contamination at any point, especially from pest contamination. Pest activities can also destroy equipment running into huge sums of money and create a discomforting working environment for staff.

Our integrated pest management (IPM) approach helps you comply with good manufacturing practice and audit requirements at the production area and warehouses, and avoid negative impacts on business from breach of hygiene regulations, litigation, and damage to reputation and brand.

Some notable establishments who have benefited from our top-notch services and in some cases are still benefiting immensely include the following:

  • POLYTANK GH. LTD. – Accra.
  • BUCKPRESS LTD. – Accra.
  • EVERPACK GH. LTD. – Accra.

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