Hospitality Industry

Gulf Atlantic has over 15 years of experience in providing pest management solutions for the hospitality sector. Our integrated pest management approach helps hotels and restaurants safely comply with legislative and audit requirements and avoid negative impacts on business from breach of hygiene regulations, litigation, unhappy guests and damage to reputation and brand.

We have tailor-made pest control services to establishments in the hospitality industry to meet the size, function and demand of your facility and to meet any standard or audit in the world. We are logistically poised to offer the best of pest control services to you and to the satisfaction of our guests to give you a competitive edge in your highly demanding industry.

Our specialist expertise can provide industry-leading solutions for each area of the premises to prevent pests and deal with any pest encountered, including bed bugs and cockroaches, rodents, flies and stored product insects.

We also supply and install modern and state of the art pest control devices or products which can be deployed to passively control pests and can be easily installed at any point of your establishment due to its design and would not disturb the aesthetic effect of your establishment. From hotels to guest houses, condominiums to apartments, we treat your premises with the utmost professional approach you can get on the market.

Some notable establishments who have benefited from our top-notch services and in some cases are still benefiting immensely include the following:

  • MIDINDI HOTEL – Cantonments, Accra
  • HIGHGATE HOTEL – Asylum Down, Accra
  • PENTA HOTEL (now Urbano Hotel) – Osu, Accra

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