Food Industry

In managing pests in especially food service establishments, Integrated Pest Management (IPM) which is employed by Gulf Atlantic Services, has become the food industry standard.

The most successful collaborations between food companies and Gulf Atlantic, is one which takes the view that pest management is a partnership in which facility maintenance, which includes sanitation, is managed as an intricate part of the pest management process. Both parties (client and us) should each play a part in pest prevention.

Managing pests using IPM constitute a more holistic approach. In following industry best practices to provide solutions for our clients, IPM is the way to go as far as we are concerned and as it has been substantiated with respect to industry best practices.

IPM is essentially the prevention and treatment of pest problems using all the tools at ones disposal (not just chemicals). These tools may be biological, mechanical (which could include sealing holes in walls and performing other pest exclusion work) or cultural (such as educating staff on sanitation procedures).

With the key global safety concerns by WHO, chemical food contamination is second in its priority. Chemicals are not off limits in IPM, but the use of unnecessary chemicals is and it is the last resort to managing pests. We are very mindful about our clients and the environment.

Food safety will always be an important topic. With globalization of our food sources increasing, the importance of traceability will grow. This means all stakeholders in the food chain must be ready to show their efforts in safe food handling in the event that something should happen. It also makes business sense to operate in this manner to protect your clients as well as your brand.

As such, one needs a professional company, which is not only technically superior in terms of knowledge, but has the capacity to document activities employed to manage pests in any establishment as well as the ability to ensure that there is compliance with laws guiding the local industry and meeting international standards.

Professionalism in the pest management industry will become even more important as food processors seek out well-trained and knowledgeable providers with whom to collaborate on comprehensive IPM programs. We consider ourselves as a professional organization, well versed in the current food safety standards – as a pest management service provider, we see ourselves as a partner rather than a vendor. Together we can help keep your products safe – protecting your customers, the end consumer and your company’s brand.

Some notable establishments who have benefitted from our top-notch services and in some cases are still benefitting immensely include the following:

  • WFP – nationwide
  • GADCO RICE PROCESSING PLANT – Sogakope, Volta Region
  • PROMASIDOR GH. LTD. (producers of Cowbell, Onga, etc.) – nationwide
  • MASCO FOODS (Operators of the KFC franchise in Ghana) – nationwide
  • SOPHARA INT. LTD (operators of the Pizza Hut franchise in Ghana) – nationwide
  • KOALA (Supermarket, Food Processing Plant (bakery), warehouse (Woimex Ltd) – Accra.
  • NUREVAS FOODS – Accra.
  • EXTRAIL SUPPORT SERVICES – Takoradi and Accra.

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