Commercial Facilities

Pests can cause enormous damages running into millions to property owners and managers if not detected early and not properly controlled even after late detection. The intangible effect of pests is that, it poses as a health risk to users of the properties and can tarnish the corporate image of occupants (companies) occupying the facility if their clients or customers were to sight pest activities when they visit the premises. They can also reduce the commercial value and occupancy rate of the facility if their activities are not professionally controlled and the premises pest free and safe.

Gulf Atlantic offers professional pest control services which do not only manage the activities of pests in a facility when infested, but we carry it out in a manner which is safe for the occupants and visitors, protect all equipment in the facility and the environment as large.

From off-shore mining facilities to shopping malls, residential estates to educational institutions (universities, high schools, etc.), we are scientifically and logistically poised to offer the best of pest control services in the market, backed with innovation and modern pest control products to aid in the delivery our services to you. No property is too large for us to handle.

Some notable establishments who have benefited from our top-notch services and in some cases are still benefiting immensely include the following:

  • UT GROUP – nationwide
  • TULLOW GHANA LTD. – nationwide
  • ATC TOWER GHANA LTD. – nationwide
  • MOOLMAN MINES (GSS) – Tarkwa, Western Region.
  • TWIFO PRASO DISTRICT HOSPITAL – Twifo Praso, Central Region.

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